Brief Introduction

The MetaChart system is a distributed system that supports interactive group work. As a rough idea, each group member can take part on the session using his specific hardware device (e.g. notebook, pen tablet, handheld), and all users share the same point of view of a session and can create and manipulate all objects together.

The source code is licenced under the GPL for non commercial applications. For use in commercial applications please contact the author. Anyway, please read carefully the licence. Click here for the projects summary page.


The authors like to thank Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ziegler and Prof. Dr. Peter Thies for his basic ideas on MetaChart. Furthermore we'd like to thank the students David Aumüller, Kai Bauer, Mei-Huei Chiou, Yueha Chen, Murat Duran, Insa Funke, Achim Großhans, Andreas Friedel, Gerald Schwarz, Aymen Trigui and Kai Wycisk for the continous support in developing the system, and the student projects MetaChart@Web and WebOMA for their valuable input.

MetaChart is beeing developed by Michael Wissen and Doris Janssen at the Competence Center Human-Computer Interaction at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO)

  2003 Fraunhofer IAO