1.1. MetaChart Technology Licensing

Technology licensing is the smartest approach for scientists or students to develop research prototypes,
as well as for more seasoned companies who want to focus on the integration of MetaChart
into valuable commercial products.
Licensing high-quality technology for a fair price often makes the whole difference between a brilliant idea
that fades away with development difficulties and a groundbreaking title that hits the shelves
with outrageous success.

That is the way MetaChart creators understand the technology licensing issue.
The Competence Center Software Engineering and Interactive Systems at the
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering is workgroup focusing on innovative collaboration techniques as well as ambient intelligence system, which do a lot of work in the background, but in an unobtrusively way.

1.2. Meta Chart Collaboration Kit Commercial License

The MetaChart Collaboration Kit full software package, including the API and various tools with full source code,
is available for use in a commercial product or application in conjunction with a collaboration or partnership
with our institute (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering / IAO).

The commercial license includes:

         Full access to the licensee-restricted CVS repository, where the full version of the software is available for download.

         Customized special e-mail, instant message and telephone support.

         The rights to use MetaChart Collaboration Kit in one commercial product, without other payments or any kind of revenue share.

Additional services, like programming a new feature or on-site support, are not included in the license and
can be arranged separately if requested by the licensee.
The licensee is NOT allowed to sell, provide or publicly expose the MetaChart Collaboration Kit source code,
in part or as a whole, to anybody except the current employees of the licensee company.

1.3. MetaChart Collaboration Kit GPL General Public Licence

Alternatively, MetaChart Collaboration Kit is also available for licensing under the GNU General Public License terms.
The full description of the GPL system is available at the GPL website (,
but in short it means that the licensing company (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering) will not charge any fees
for the intellectual property regarding the licensed software; it will provide the source code and other resources for free,
and can only charge packing, distribution and transportation costs.
The licensee, however, is obligated to provide the full source code of the product he develops with the licensed software
to anybody who asks it, free of charge.

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